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    Sync Outlook Calendar in PC to Outlook in Mac to iPad
    Greetings, does anyone have a suggestion on how to enable a sync between my work based PC Outlook and my personal iMac and then finally to my iPad. The goal would be to update any of the three devices and then have a sync enabled.

    Couple of notes;

    1. I do use my work PC off the corp network at home.
    2. My work PC is Outlook 2003 and my iMac is Outlook for Mac 2011 and my iPad is Gen three.
    3. In the past I used Google calendar as the master sync but this was too cumbersome and trouble prone. In addition could not sync Outlook for Mac to Google calendar.....

    I'm open to suggestions.


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    Mar 22, 2012
    I did it this way:

    1. Install icloud on your ipad and make sure you're using the same account on your mac.
    2. Install icloud for Outlook on your work based PC
    3. Get a free addin for Outlook called codetwo folder sync

    Once you have icloud in Outlook you will see an adiditional tree of folders there. If you sync your personal Outlook folders with the icloud folders with the folder sync tool for Outlook, all your data will go to icloud and then to your ipad and mac.

    Hope this helps.

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