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    iPhoto - Pics added to iPhoto are copied to new location?(doubling the size occupied)
    Hey everyone!

    I have my first macbook pro since January, but only now have I started using iPhoto to manage my pictures. (I used Picasa before).

    I have one question though, if I add a picture to iPhoto, will the picture be copied to a new location (thus doubling the size it occupies on my disk)? I want to add all my pictures on iPhoto, but they occupy a fairly large space. I noticed that if I add a picture to iPhoto and then delete it from it's original folder, the picture still shows up on iPhoto.

    Picasa would scan some directories and automatically add/remove pictures, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case with iPhoto.


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    You can either have iPhoto manage your images (this is the default setting).
    When you add an image to iPhoto it's copied to the iPhoto library. You can then delete the original if you have it somewhere else.

    The other mode is to have an unmanaged library (like Picasa) where when you add a photo it just references the location of the original rather than copying it into a separate library.

    Personally, I prefer Picasa over iPhoto but if you're going to use iPhoto to it's fullest potential I'd suggest having it add and managed all your images in it's own library.

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    Hmm, I see...maybe I'll stick with Picasa then, and leave iPhoto to manage iCloud photostream instead!


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