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    Synching Microsoft for Mac Outlook Calendar
    I have a MacBook Pro, ipad2 and iphone 4 and have been trying to no avail to synch my Outlook calendar with my ipad and iphone. I am using a Snow Leopard operating system and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011. I have worked with Apple Care and Microsoft Support for Apple and it is my understanding that since Apple eliminated Mobile Me there is no way to accomplish this task. Do I have to replace MacBook Pro with a pc to accomplish this. I hate to abandon my MacBook Pro. I'm told that if I had a windows operating system and Microsoft Office then I would be able to accomplish this. It makes little sense that I'd be better integrated if I was using the Microsoft Office for Windows. I have heard horror stories about people who have tried to work around it and lost all of their data. Since I depend on my calendar for business, that's: risky.

    Is there a dependable fix for this? A workaround? Are there plans by either Apple or Microsoft to solve this issue?

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    I'm not sure if there is a fix yet - and yes - this capability went away once the death knell sounded for MobileMe. I would expect to see some level of integration with iCloud eventually. You could always use iCal or Google Calendars in the mean time..

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