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    Viewing files in compressed archive w/o extracting?
    Does anyone know of any software (preferably open source) for mac that would allow me to view the contents of a compressed archive without extracting the entire thing first? If you've use winzip, winrar, Peazip or 7zip on windows/linux you'll be familiar with what I'm talking about.

    Sometimes I'm looking for one file in an compressed folder I backed up or someone sends me something but I don't need everything in there.

    I find it odd that I can't seem to track one down when there are so many free options for Win/Linux. I've tried Keka, Unrarx, TheUnarchiver I have seen Stuffit Deluxe not a big fan of the interface but I suppose I may end up having to punk down $29.99 for it. I just went over to Winzip's website and see they have since added support for 7zip compression it had been a very long time since I last used it.

    So I'm going to adjust my question a bit. Does anyone know of a free (and possibly open source) utility that has this functionality on a mac and supports zip, rar and 7zip archives?

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    Yes, QuickLook can be made to "see" into ZIP archives with this tool:

    BetterZip 2 - The Next Generation of Archiving

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