So I went to watch an episode of 30 Rock on last night (using my MBP). I got a message that I needed Flash to view the video. Well, I have Flash on my Mac but thought maybe it needed to be updated but no, it was the most recent version. Tried reinstalling Flash just to be sure. That didn't work. Closed and then opened Safari. Nope. Restarted my Mac. Nope. Ok, gave up out of frustration and watched Inception on DVD instead.

Today I decided to try again. Still same error message. So, I went into Safari Preferences and turned off Click To Flash and... Bingo! Video played just fine.

I've been watching episodes on off and on for the past week and even once today and that site uses Flash for their videos. So it's kind of odd that NBC's website was confused and thought that I didn't have Flash installed at all. So, if you experience this and you have CTF extension in Safari, try turning it off when watching episodes online.