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Thread: Problem with the GIMP

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    Problem with the GIMP
    Hi there,

    I've read a conversation about some GIMP related problems already, but didn't help to me anyway.

    I ran GIMP on my iMac with no problems, but it doesn't work anymore. I tried all kinds of stuff like uninstall, reinstall, delete the lock files (there weren't any) etc. Tried to remove X11, then get it back. Nothing helps.

    Its icon just appears and disappears.

    Can You help me? Please, please, please .

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    I've moved your post here to the correct forum, "OS X Apps and Games".

    As to your problems with GIMP.... It's not going to work unless you have X11 installed. Also, you might want to give GIMPshop a try instead as it's supposedly easier to install and get working. Here is the LINK.

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