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    Angry How to edit text in text form control ms word 2011?
    Ive been making a form and I want the text boxes I insert to be able to be edited when clicked. When the form isn't protected it works perfect. But it needs to be protected since I also have drop down menus. When I click protect form and click where the text to edit in the text box is, it doesnt replace the text, it just adds to it. Not sure if that made sense, but any help from someone that's more familiar with Word 2011 would be greatly appreciated I googled it for a long time to only find answers how to do it in other versions of Word that doesnt seem to be compatible. Thanks so much

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    Moved to correct forum here in "Apps and Games" as it does not belong in running Windows.

    As for your question: Have you tried to create the form as PDF instead of using Word? That would allow what you're asking.

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