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    iDVD Menu
    Can someone please chime in if you've seen this issue and/or know how I can get past it?

    I'm tying to create a DVD using some MP4 files that I have on my Mac. I've never used iDVD so I'm not quite sure how to use it. But, some of the vids on the intro page indicate it should be easy.

    1. Go to Magic iDVD
    2. Select the theme (I left the default)
    3. Drop the vids into the buckets ( I dropped 3 or 4 to begin with)
    4. Hit the preview button to see how it looks

    1st issue: error says too much data. Change the encoding by going to "Project info window". 2nd issue: About 90% of my menu items are grayed out (including project info).

    So, how can I adjust the encoding if I do not have access to it?
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    It would seem to be a function of the Magic DVD option. I'd never tried it before, so had a go and found that most of all the Menu options were greyed out.

    Just use the "Create New Project" option. You can still just drag and drop your movies into the project window. All menu options should then be available.

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