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    Hello there,
    I was just wandering if I could pick everyones brain about something. I'm a relatively new mac user who is finding the gaming constraints on Mac an issue. The range of choice, plus the lack of gamepad compatability. I've been looking into purchasing Parallels to run PC games but is this the best option? Do I have to buy the latest Windows software aswell? I won't be using the PC elements for anything apart from gaming so what can people recommend?

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    I'm not a gamer, but I am a satisfied Parallels user. There are basically two options:
    1. Buy a virtual machine 3rd party program like Parallels or VMWare Fusion.
    2. Use Bootcamp.

    Gamers have specific opinions on these options, and someone more knowledgable will be along soon.

    You will need a copy of Windows, but I cannot advise which version would be best for you.

    This is a bit dated (2009), but seems to cover basics:
    Switchers Guide: Run Windows on a Mac | Macworld
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    There's also a free virtual machine from Oracle. VirtualBox
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    Don't use a virtual machine to game - you'll be wasting your money. If you want to game, you really need to use Boot Camp and install Windows natively.

    The reason for this is simple - virtual machines don't have direct access to the hardware (hardware is "emulated" for all intents and purposes) and because of this, you don't have direct access to the GPU. Thus, games that require the GPU to do heavy lifting (as in all 3D games) will fail miserably in a VM. If they do work, don't expect bearable frame rates.
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    Also don't forget Steam is available for the Mac. Many games have been ported and Steam allows you to install any games bought on Windows under the same user - to install to the Mac. (Not all games have been ported)

    That being said - Vansmith is right - I tried a few old games on VMs and they work OK - but anything that actually requires hardware - anywhere close to your actual processor/GPU - won't run on a VM very well. Bootcamp is free - but you need a Windows license to install Windows on a bootcamp partiton.
    You'll need your install disks to put on the proper drivers on the Windows side.

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