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Thread: Some questions regarding the use of PaintBrush

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    Some questions regarding the use of PaintBrush
    Hi there, I'm trying to work out how to use this application. I have a few questions if anybody could help with would be great, I'm normally used to just using MS paint but I want to learn just to be able to do everything from my mac and give up my MS paint dependency.

    1) Is it possible to crop around an image and save the crop only like you can is MS Paint. If so how?

    2) The side bar isn't connected to the canvas, shutting down the application I close the canvas and clicked the 'X' in the corner of the toolbar that comes along with it. Now re-launching the application I can't seem to open that side bar/toolbar, and I can't find anyway of bringing it back up. Does anybody know how?

    Those are the two major questions I have right now!

    Thanks for your help everybody!

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    I've moved your post to a more proper forum; please be sure to check the forum descriptions to find the best place to post.

    By posting in the right forum you help people not only find your question faster, but it helps others looking for the same information in the future.

    Thanks for understanding!
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    #1 Use the selection tool, select area you want to keep and then Image Menu>Crop. It has a shortcut too, command+K

    #2 Almost always windows like that can be reopened under the Window Menu. So Window>Toolbox. As you can see it also has a shortcut you can use.
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