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    Why some apps only work on certain user accounts

    I'm currently having a problem with an application called QtCreator (by Nokia) where it is not showing text on buttons, the funny thing is that this only happens on my primary user account, because when I use a different user account every thing looks fine (buttons are labeled properly).

    The only thing I noticed that is different between user accounts is the folder permissions for the folders used by this program, so I went and changed all folder permissions for every folder used by the program to be the same, I also repaired disk permissions using the Disk Utility but nothing still not working on my main account.

    This is how it looks on the bad user account:
    fstigre |

    This is how it looks on the good user account:
    fstigre |

    What could be the cause for some applications to run differently on some user accounts?

    Why would some apps get different setting depending on what user account it is used on?

    What could be wrong on my case?

    ANY suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I'm not familiar with the program but:

    1. Why are you using more than one account?
    2. Why aren't you using an admin account?

    I have found through experience that poorly-designed PC port type programs TEND not to have conceived of the idea of working in non-admin accounts, because almost all Mac users are of course using the admin account. So the "answer" short of getting Nokia to hire a more talented Mac developer is "use the admin account." Unlike in Windows, there's not a security issue in using the admin account on a Mac.

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    Thank you for your reply chas_m!

    1. Why are you using more than one account?
    I'm not using two accounts, I created a second account to see if the program I'm having problems with would work and to my surprise it did. Again the second account was created for testing purposes only.
    2. Why aren't you using an admin account?
    That's the funny thing that both are admin accounts in fact I have been using my main account for years now and never had any problems.

    Would like to be able to do one of two things to solve this issue.

    Option 1: Of course this would be to try to find the problem if possible and continue using my old account.

    Option 2: This would be to use a new account and delete the old one. The problem with this option is that I don't know how this will affect programs such as iPhoto, iTunes, Lightroom, Billings, Contacts, etc.

    What would be my best option at this point?

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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    If both accounts are admin accounts, then my chief suspicion is that you have removed or substituted a font the program relies on from your home folder's Library/Fonts account.

    Option 2 that you mention above is not really an option. It would be quite difficult to move everything correctly into the new account, so let's focus on Option 1.

    Have you run any "cleaner" type programs on your user account ever? Installed any third-party fonts?

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