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    Smile iMac connection playing Warcraft Frozen Zone
    hello guys..i'm a newbie in this forum...

    hmm..i want to ask about network connections between mac and windows.

    i have this problem..when i played warcraft frozen throne (DOTA) with my friends...but i have this problems which is...i'm always the one that got disconnected between other players..i using imac...and the rest of my friends..using there any particular setting that i should do before playing this game ? or did i miss something...i perfectly can connect in to the room that my friends make...

    because it gets a lot of often to DC...when i played this game...just a note i already turned off the firewall...the patch of this game already the same...i altready sync it with the other..
    i'm really need info or anything that can help..

    thx a lot guys...

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    You post was moved here to the correct forum. It did not belong in our "Rumors......" forum. Also edited your title somewhat to invite replies.

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    Thanks for letting us know that the software firewall is turned off. That was going to be my first question.

    You say you can join the room in WoW but don't stay connected ... is that immediate or does it take time? Does it happen regularly or irregularly?

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