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Thread: DVD-Copy ?

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    Exclamation DVD-Copy ?

    I have an iMac G5 running tiger. I want to copy a DVD. I insert the DVD, copy its contents to the desktop then i insert a blank dvd and copy the files to that. I click burn and an error appears and it doesnt burn.

    Is there any other way to copy DVD's on the iMac.

    Thanks Alot

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    Is it a movie DVD? If so it's a bit more difficult than that:
    1. Most movie dvd's are on discs with 2 layers. So you have to compress them to fit on a regular blank DVD.
    2. Movie DVD's are often copy protected.

    Easiest way IMO: Download Mactheripper, rip the dvd to your harddrive and then use a program such as Roxio's Popcorn or DVD2OneX to compress it.
    Then burn to a single layer DVD-R or DVD+R.

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