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Thread: Network Profile Manager App?

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    Network Profile Manager App?
    Hi guys, I'm looking for a program that will allow for 2 network profiles to be made, one for LAN and one for WiFi. I need to be able to start up tunnelblick when the wifi becomes active, and then to be either disconnected (optimal), or quit (sub-optimal but ok) when the LAN becomes active. Also our users don't want to have to do something every time they go from WiFi to LAN, they just want it to work, so some kind of network auto-detect is necessary.

    Just background on the situation, we have about 70 users on mbp's and they can use a LAN connection while at their desk, but they have meetings and move around a lot and need to be on the WiFi for a good portion of the day. Our WiFi is open to anybody, but firewalled, and if the employees need to access the intranet they need to use tunnelblick. When they go back and sit down most people either don't connect to the LAN, which after a while bogs down the WiFi and we get complaints, or they connect to the LAN and don't disconnect from the VPN which can create issues with doing stuff over the internet.

    Free or Paid, doesn't matter, obviously free-er is better, but we're willing to pay if it's good, and we don't need tons of frilly features, it's nice to have them, but just the vpn enable/disable on wifi feature is necessary.

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    bump.. anybody know of anything...?

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