I'm intrigued by the application TeamViewer as a way to implement cross-platform screen sharing across firewalls and with dynamic IPs. It appears that it is an application that is used widely in the enterprise (for a fee), but that it is *free* for use by individuals. I understand that to mean that you can't connect simultaneously to many people. The wide use suggests that it's going to be around for a while, and supported. For my purpose, which is to troubleshoot single computers (Mac and Windows, at least) for friends and family at large distances, that's just dandy.

So far, it seems to work well for me.

It would be good to get some comments from people who have used it. Is it really that good? Under what circumstances, for remote screen sharing, does it NOT work?

How does it compare with other freeware applications for cross platform (i.e. not iChat or Lion/iCloud) screen sharing? Logmein and YuuGuu offer a free trial, I guess.

Clearly, one thing to keep in mind with it is that it requires someone at the target computer to give permission to me to commandeer their screen. That is, I can't get into their computer with some "When I'm not here, you're welcome to ..." blanket permission.

Has anyone used the v7 beta for Mac? According to TeamViewer, v7 has a number of pretty slick upgrades compared to v6.