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    Angry Microsoft Word for Mac 2011 hides footnotes.. HELP

    I am running MWord 2011 on my MacBook 10.6.8 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM.

    I am having a very frustrating problem with footnotes. At random times, many times while I am trying to enter or edit a footnote, the bottom portion of the footnote section just disappears. If the cursor happens to be in the section when it disappears then it also disappears. I have to work around this by either increasing font size of body text, or footnote text, or both. Sometimes that doesn't work. The footnotes are never lost, just hidden, but it costs lots of time to get it back to normal.

    Any help appreciated!


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    Hmm, not come across this problem using Word, but please see the forum attached which questions the same issue. pay particular attention to the answer from Hollyn.

    Footnotes disappears and cuts off in Microsoft word for mac - Windows Software

    hope this helps

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