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    Pages questions..
    I need a World processor for my Macbook. I am considering buying Pages, because it is priced so well.

    I need to be able to save documents as .doc files however. Can Pages be setup to save files as .doc?

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    Yes, you can export files as PDF's, doc's and much more. For documents I have dealt with, opening doc files as well as exporting to doc has worked well. I also find that Pages works a lot better for me than Office for Mac. Definitely worth buying!

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    As good as Pages is, don't forget that you can also use the free alternatives such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Both of these can edit and save documents as Microsoft file types.

    Just thought I'd give the free option!
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    Pages can't be set up to DEFAULT to .doc format, but it has always been able to save and read .doc files.

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