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    I am hoping this is a Software Issue that can be fixed?
    I read were bobolu is having problems with Firefox crashing. I have that issue too, but I also have a couple of other issues

    1- Firefox is crashing!

    2- When I try to watch a video online I don't get the box for the video to play in. I can hear the audio from the video and I can see all the print and pics around where the video box should be but the background is white where the video box should be. I can play a DVD and the play back is great.

    3- The little scroll button on the mouse allows me to scroll up and down and then all of a sudden it won't scroll down but it will still scroll up. It is intermittent.

    Now this is my sisters 2008 24" Imac that had the HDD crap out on her. I replaced it and it works fine except for those 3 issues. Does anyone have any ideas as to what the issue or issues are? I would appreciate any help you guys can give me.

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    Have you tried Google Chrome? I used FFox for a long time, but had too many little issues w/ it. GC seems to be more robust, but I am not a "power user". BTW: MY scroll button does the same crap now and then (rarely), and then 10 seconds later it is just fine.

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    Can you be more specific about the crashes? Do they happen on particular pages? What version of Firefox are you running?

    If the video is Flash video, try re-installing Flash. That's the easy first step and may very well fix the problem.
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