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Kaioshoryuken1 01-15-2012 04:16 AM

MS Paint for Mac?
Being a switcher, I grew accustomed to using Microsoft Paint over the years in addition to other picture software, because it was quick and easy. I didn't have to sort through menus to do what I wanted, and it worked out great for me. I just got my Macbook Pro about a month ago, running Lion 10.7.2. I've already replaced Gimp - that was easy because they make a Mac version, but Paint is the only program I haven't able to completely replace.

I want to be able to use the "new" MS Paint software that comes with Windows Vista and 7 on my Mac. I'm well aware of Photoshop and all the other alternatives, and in doing research, I realized I DO NOT want to have a similar program doing these things, I want the SAME one I used to have and love.

Anyone have any ways of accomplishing this? I found the old version from XP and prior and was able to get it running with Wineskin... but the options on there aren't good enough for me D: and I can't find the new version.

If I have to pay for it, I don't care, that's fine. As long as it works, I'm happy. I'm also NOT going to install Parallels or use Boot Camp because I'd feel very dirty installing Windows on my Mac.

PLEASE, please please! Do NOT link me to alternative programs. I know they're out there, don't want them. Thanks.

chas_m 01-15-2012 06:27 AM

Let me make sure I have this right: you want to run a Windows-exclusive program on your Mac without running Windows or a virtualizer environment?

Oh-kaaaayyy ...

The only suggestion I can offer (because what you want is otherwise impossible) is to see if the program can run in CrossOver Mac (basically a refined version of WINE). I think it costs $70, but you can test it first.

cwa107 01-15-2012 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by Kaioshoryuken1 (Post 1355571)

PLEASE, please please! Do NOT link me to alternative programs. I know they're out there, don't want them. Thanks.

I understand the sentiment, but if I may... this is an EXACT CLONE of MS Paint. I'm not saying it's similar or an alternative, but the author very deliberately CLONED all of Paint's features and even the UI.

So, I get that you want "the real thing" (which is actually a rip-off of Apple's old MacPaint), but you'd be mistaken not to check it out.

vansmith 01-15-2012 11:25 AM

Paint is caked into to the operating system and is proprietary which raise two problems:

1. Installing it would require finding all the binaries an shared libraries it depends on (which probably isn't many but it would still be a pain).
2. Distributing that would require (most likely) circumventing the Windows EULA as Paint is a part of a larger proprietary product.

Even if you could accommodate those two, you'd still have to find a way to run it reliably. Take a look at Paintbrush as linked to above - I use it here for small edits and it works well.

_Stormin 01-15-2012 11:46 AM

Third supporter of Paintbrush here. Windows convert myself, and I have to say that Paintbrush was one of the easiest things to download. It's a straight up clone of MS Paint.

Kaioshoryuken1 01-17-2012 12:04 PM

My problem with Paintbrush is it may offer similar features, but it doesn't have the exact same functionality. When I make a selection, for instance, in my image, I expect to be able to move that selection around, and resize it easily, by clicking and dragging on the corner. Maybe I was doing it wrong but I couldn't do that, and it annoyed me. I also really liked the paintbrushes available with the new version of Paint.

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