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    Unhappy DivX logo
    Hei I just got a new iMac(10.7.2 lion) , upgraded from my old macbook. I have installed divx program on it to watch movies/tv shows. But because of that annoying Divx logo i had to delete it and I installed perian instead. But the problem is that the Divx logo is still there! Even when i start final cut pro 7 the logo won't go away. Anyone know how to get rid of it? I have deleted all divx files that was on my mac, please help

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    Almost certainly the answer to this is that you failed to uninstall the DIVX program properly. You'll need to check with the makers of the DIVX program you used on how to CORRECTLY uninstall their software. Most Mac software is uninstalled easily, but anything that messes with system infrastructure requires either a specific uninstaller or a specific uninstall procedure. The makers of the DIVX program you used will have that information.

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