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    problem with mail address book
    I am having problems with mac mail address book and address panel. Some of my contacts are entered twice and I want to remove the duplicates. I can't find how to do this. I am new to mac, but know there must be a way. Surely other have made mistakes and need to be erased. Thanks

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    Open your Address Book application from the Applications folder. Highlight the name|address you wish to remove and then go to the main menu, EDIT. Select "Delete Card".

    (Note: You must highlight the name first or the "Delete Card" option will not appear.)

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    Are the addresses being filled in incorrectly in Mail? If so try the procedure in this thread See post number 2.
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    Thank you both for the replies. Actually I found another method which is far more complicated. It involved using ical to finally delete. I don't know what MY problem was by not seeing the delete card function. Thanks again and in advance for I know I will ask more questions while getting used to the Mac way.

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