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    Playstation 2 on Lion
    Hey guys

    I have a few questions regarding playing PS2 games on my mac (Lion).

    I roughly understand that you need an emulator, and PS2 roms, or something like that, then I've read about needing BIOS or something and I get completely confused.

    So basically would really appreciate any step-by-step advice with playing Ps2 games, through an emulator, and also using my PS3 controller to do so.

    Apologies for the noobness of the post, and if this post would be better in another category please let me know.


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    I'm not sure about the legality of emulators and PS2 or any other console ROMs..

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    Why not just play your games on a PS2? That way, they're guaranteed to work and you can play them on a TV.
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    Technically, it is illegal under the US DMCA to use console emulators as the encryption mechanisms meant to protect the system and the games need to be broken or reverse-engineered in order to make them usable. So, it's not something we discuss on this forum.
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