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    WC3 and PowerPC games on 10.7
    I just bought a new MBP with Lion, and when I tried installing WarCraft 3 this message popped up:
    "You can't open the application Warcraft III Installer because PowerPC applications are no longer supported."

    So, that's it? I can't play WC3 anymore? I've got another macbook white with snow leopard installed. I noticed that the message only says that I can't open the WC3 installer. If I install the game on my 10.6 Macbook and then with a flash drive transfer all those files to my 10.7 computer, would it work?

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    Lion will not run PPC apps. Rosetta is no longer a part of OS X Lion as it was in previous versions. As far as installing the app on Snow Leopard and then transferring it to Lion, it may be possible if only the installer is PPC coded. I have several apps that have a PPC installer and that I transferred (copied) to Lion and they run fine.

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    Giving some follow up to this, it worked! I installed the game on my 10.6 mac and then transferred the files to my 10.7 one. However now there are some black patches on certain areas of the game (Pics: Photo Album - Imgur )
    I'm guessing this isn't any longer Lion not supporting PowerPC, any ideas on how to fix this?

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    The game would likely be using Universal code (if they were smart), actually it must be doing so. The installer was likely to be the only part that was PPC.

    That said, it might be that the video drivers the game uses aren't properly optimized for Intel. Why don't you check with the developer to see what if any updates have been issued for WC3

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