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    Issues and Limitations with Apple Mail
    For one I cant seem to be able to create a subfolder in Mail. Everytime I try it says it does it, but the folder never shows up. I have to create them with Entourage instead. I am using Gmail.

    Second is there a easy sorting option by email in Mail? This is what I mean. Outlook 2011 has a feature where it sorts out emails by name in the inbox. For example if I have 50 emails from, or 100 emails from I will not see 150 different emails in the inbox, I will see 2 emails, and I can click on a email and a subfolder shows up with al the different emails. This DOES NOT require a folder or a filter in Outlook 2011. I do not own Outlook 2011 so I have to find out a way to do what I need to do in Mail. I also am using Entourage 2004, so if anyone knows of a solution please comment.


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    As you can clearly see, subfolders do in fact work in Mail.

    Not sure what's going on with your system, but it's on your end.

    Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 2.55.49 AM.png

    As to your second issue, Mail isn't Outlook. It can "thread" conversations by subject but does not do so by sender. You can easily add a smart mailbox for this, takes at most a few seconds (a smart mailbox is not a filter or rule).

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