I have an iMac running SL and a couple Win7 machines. iTunes Match should work well for these systems. The problem I have is my main jukebox is a G4 iBook which is integrated into my home entertainment system.
If use iTunes Match to sync the iMac and Win7 boxes, can I use one of the iTunes sync programs (TuneRanger, Echodio, SuperSync etc) to keep the iBook synced up or will iTunes Match prevent this for any reason?
I am mainly concerned with keeping purchased songs and playlists up to date. Play counts and ratings are not necessary.

All machines except the iBook are used to download songs and make playlists.
The iBook only plays the music.
Not all machines are running iTunes all the time so I can't rely on the sharing feature.
I currently maintain two sets of my music. One on a hard drive connected to my router and one on my iMac.