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    Application to manipulate jpg's or png's
    Does Mac OS X Lion come with an application that you could combine two jpg or png files into one file? I want to put two separate logo images side by side in one file. I know Photoshop or a similar application could, but I just want something simple and quick.
    Ideas welcome and appreciated.

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    You might try Preview. It should combine the pics though I am not sure about putting them side by side. haven't tried that.
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    Preview won't let you put them side by side. But you can open the Left image in Safari and do a screen shot(command+shift+4) and drag out enough room for the second image. Then open both images in Preview and copy and paste the second image onto the first and drag it to the right side of the first image. You can then use Previews instant Alpha tool to remove the white background if you want.
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