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Thread: Creating a Mailing list in Apple Mail

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    Creating a Mailing list in Apple Mail
    I see how I can create a mailing list in Apple Mail and is there an easier way? They make it so one needs to type in every address one a a time, my goodness. Unfortunately Outlook 2011 is no better. However Entourage 2004 & 2008 make it 10 times easier to create a mailing list as all one needs to do is copy & paste addresses. Because Apple Mail & OutLook are lacking in this vital feature, we are keeping Entourage 04 & 08 in this house, unless someone here knows of a solution or workaround. Thanks..


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    here's a workaround that I've used before and like. Once it is set up it's very easy to use. The first two steps only need to be done once.

    1. Make sure Mail is configured properly to send/receive e-mail.

    2. Open Address Book and enter contact cards for each person you want to send a group e-mail to. I prefer to use Smart Groups for this. Any new contact that meets criteria you specify gets added to the group automatically. Mac 101: Address Book

    3. Open Mail and compose the message as usual. In the To field enter the name of the group you created in Address Book.

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