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    Question PlayStation 3 specs
    Ok, ok...First off I know this section of Mac Forums is for games and apps for the mac platform, but I felt the those of us in the gaming community might want to read this...

    I was looking at the specs for the upcomming Sony Playstation 3 and I found it interesting that it will feature a 3.2GHz IBM PPC processor (source: <>)... and then I thought: "Wasn't IBM supposed to deliver a 3+ Ghz PPC processor for the G5 generation of macs? But IBM fell short and that's the whole reason why Apple will switch to Intel to make them a faster and cooler (temp wise) processor" If this is true, why didn't IBM reveal this to Apple? Or does this have to do with a different OS archetecture or something...

    Please fill me in on the details and/or correct me if I'm wrong. :headphone

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    well the PS3 will be using a Linux OS
    and OS X is built on BSD, which is a Unix derivative, and is a cousin of linux

    that said

    XBOX 360 will be also using an IBM power-pc prossesor
    it will have 3 symetrical cores @ 3.2 ghz

    the PS3 will use a cell prossesor
    which, to my knowledge, doesnt exist yet

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    Ok, I'm by no means an expert at the whole processor issue, but I know for a fact that the PPC processors in XBOX will not be G5s. Therefore you can't say that IBM cheated Apple, they didn't. The reason that these PPC processors achieve 3.2GHz is because they're made specially for gaming, the architecture is (very) different from G5s.

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