I can't be the only one...

I want to sync my local Address Book with iCloud. I would also like to sync with Google Address Book.

So, under accounts I have turned on iCloud and turned on syncing with with Google with my local on my mac address book. I now get duplicates and when I try to merge them I cannot, it says they are from different accounts.

What am I missing? Can't have one address book to rule them all?


EDIT: So I don't have dups in one address book. I can view iCloud and Local(supposed to sync w/ google) separately. I have made them exactly the same so if I say show all it has a dup of every one.

Adding a different test contact for each "account" does not result in it getting transferred to the other. I was hoping to be able to add contacts to one place and it shows up in all. Shouldn't it be that the local address book on my MBP would be like a host to the other 2 sync points?