My iTunes albums are organized by (1) Artist, (2) Year, and (3) Album Name. For the most part this is okay, but if an artist released several albums in the same year then iTunes puts the albums released that year in alphabetical order (as opposed to the order they were released).

I want The Beatles' Sgt Peppers (June 1967) and Magical Mystery Tour (November 1967) to be listed in chronological order, but iTunes puts Magical Mystery Tour first since it is alphabetical. The same thing happens with Yellow Submarine (Jan. 1969) and Abbey Road (Sept. 1969).

This may sound trivial, but I'm very "type A" and I like music to be organized correctly. My LP and CD collections have always been organized (1) by Artist and (2) Chronologically, so I'm used to that order. I don't want to have to write incorrect years in the info box so that iTunes will order them correctly because I want the track info to remain accurate.

I want iTunes to let me order albums by month and year, or just allow me to override album info and arrange albums however I want to. Anyone have any suggestions on this?