Hi there

Bit of a random/small question, but I play Football Manager 2012 through Steam on my MBP running 10.7.2

All works fine, flawlessly in fact, but I have one gripe and was wondering if there was a way around it

When running the game in Fullscreen mode within the game, the only way I can find of minimising the game is to Cmd + Tab out of it. Works okay, but the annoying thing is that when switching back to the game, it's no longer full screen and the edges are hidden (if you see what I mean) so I have to go into the options within the game to change from windowed back to full screen.

Was just wondering if there was anyway of making it possible to switch to say Safari while playing FM12, without having to keep going in to the options each time I want to resume playing. Something like the 4 finger swipe... like the same effect, resume exactly how you were. Actual 4 finger swipe doesn't work thought like I initially thought it would. Anyone else had this? Thanks!