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Thread: Mail syncing and updating

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    Jan 02, 2012
    Unhappy Mail syncing and updating
    Hi all,

    I am new to mac and am having trouble getting the mail app to sync my mail accounts correctly.
    I am trying to get my BT yahoo accounts and accounts to work. BT uses imap and sky use gmail, I have 2 iPod touch's and an iPad, all of which work perfectly with these accounts updating all devices instantly.
    With the imac though, it only seems to update if I quit and restart the app. I have an email that I have read and deleted on the iPad, but on the iMac it is still showing as unread in the inbox, but if I look at the trash folder it is showing in there also! When I quit and restart, the inbox updates correctly.

    I have just tried deleting the mail folder and recreating the email accounts, but this has not helped. This is really annoying, I'm hoping someone has a solution please....


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    Jan 02, 2012
    over 600 views, but no answers, D'oh...........

    Does anyone else have a btinternet acc that syncs perfectly over all devices? it would be useful to know if this should work or not?


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