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    Transferring Digital Movies to another iTunes account
    My husband and I have used our separate iTunes accounts to download digital movies. However, today, we purchased an Apple TV. We would like to be able to watch the movies tied to both of our iTunes accounts without having to be logged onto our laptops. We thought that moving the movies to our Mac Mini (server) would be a good option since it's always powered on. We would like a third iTunes account to use for future downloads and to transfer the digital movies we have previously downloaded with our own iTunes accounts. We don't need the movies to still be on our personal iTunes accounts, just the shared account that serves our Apple TV. Any idea how to transfer digital movies from one iTunes account to another?

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    I don't believe this is possible.

    You can try calling Apple to verify this, but basically you'd need to re-buy the movies on the "correct" iTunes account to keep it all straight.

    I haven't looked into it enough to know, but "Home Sharing" (a feature built into iTunes) may make the "problem" moot by allowing the movies tied to previous accounts to be played anyway.

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    Thanks, I found that just authorizing the Mac Mini Server on my iTunes account seems to do the trick.

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