I've iPhoto'11, version 9.2.1 on my MacBook Pro.

I recently copied from my external hard drive folders I had made with my PC. These folders contain digitized photos from back in the '70's to the 90's. I probably have 150 of these folders with 20 or more photos in each. I have the folders named, "1988 - Mom, Friends, Kenai Fishing", "1989 - Fishing, Travis's 2nd Birthday Party", etc. On my PC, they all sorted themselves chronologically by the date at the beginning of the name on the folder, so the first folder is 1979, and they progress all the way up to 1999 in order, making it easy to look up. These folders were all made with digitzed photos in them last year and this year, so sorting by date created doesn't work. In iPhoto, they are all jumbled up in random order. I can look up a date in search, which is OK, but seeing all my folders in order is better. Is there a way to sort by name like the PC did, and not be restricted by using the search of "All, Date, Keyword, Rating" in iPhoto?

Also, is there a way to have all the folders come up closed, and not open with all the pictures showing?

Thanks for any help.