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Thread: Finance budgetting APP suggestion? Need specific type.

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    Finance budgetting APP suggestion? Need specific type.
    I'm trying to find a flexible useful budgetting app for my needs but it seems hard to find. Let me explain what features I wish it would have.

    First of all my monthly budget is on the go and dynatic so I need to be able to change add remove expenses all the time or add bills for things I buy over credit card.

    Problem I find with most apps, months start the 1st and end at the end of the month. I pay my bills every 15 of the month(credit card) and start calculating from the 16. every app i find, if i add bills, calculates from the beginning of the month, so say i have 500$ on my CC, it will display only in the beginning of the next month, giving me 2 weeks of bills at 0. I'd like something that gets in sync with my habits.

    Also my income is unstable and changes weekly(part time student) and I get paid weekly. I can only project sometimes my income, it would be nice if the app could adapt to on the go income add when I can project or know my forthcoming income.

    Last of all would be some feature that helps me calculate/plan for savings on the side. Most apps show bill and the account, expenses and such.

    I'd like to know if there's an app that has the capability of asking me what projected savings I wish to make a certain month cycle, and warn me or suggest me percentages of how to split my money, in order to have money for my bills, succeed in getting the appropriate savings (by suggesting the amount or percentage per pay I should remove) and some stats display that says for example, current balance in savings this much/goal, showing what I have and how much i'm missing from my goal.

    Same for bills aka this much covered/ this much left to satisfy bills. And then display per say, this much free spending money, which i will handle myself how i'd budget it

    I know this is very specific but i'd love to have an app that can do all this or at least if you guys know of any that can get as close to doing this, or alternatives on how to setup finance apps or how you guys even do it. Because my job is part-time, bills are voletile and random as much as my income and because my month cycle I calculate from the middle of the month, most apps don't seem to fit the bill and I find doing all on paper so much of a hassle now that I have everything inside my Iphone.

    Sorry for the wall of text but I needed to be clear on what my needs are. If you guys know of an app that does all this or at least completes most of what I possibly need please feel free to suggest .

    Thanks in advance and cheers, happy holidays to all!

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    Moved your post here to this forum. It was in the mobile devices (iOS) forum where it did not belong.

    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    You probably need to do some searching in our forums and the web to find something that fits your needs.

    This LINK will get you started.

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