I am new here and haven't figured out how to search for topics.

I just bought a newer used mac mini 2009 version. Still learning the details. 500GB HD Snow Leopard OS.

I have my old mini still running with iTunes and I have a back up HD with more iTunes which is where I usually run my tunes from.

I don't want duplicates but that is likely if I just "add to library" and move my tunes to the new mini with the latest iTunes. I would do this to get organized then I would back up and/or run off my external. I have been a little lax in keeping my tunes organized so I have multiple media libraries for my music. I would like to get my act together. Any suggestions! Are there any good scripts for finding duplicates?

Other note: I have more than one iTunes library for organization. I keep my meditation audios and some non-audio recorded books and some downloaded mp3 workshops/discussions separated each in their own library away from my general music library. I like this organization.

Can I just get my new music to my new mini and leave the other libraries on the HD and access when I wish through the Option key hold? Do I need to update all libraries to new iTunes?

Older iTunes is running on 10.4.11, cannot update to newest iTunes, and new/latest Itunes is running on Snow Leopard.

I tried to just use the Migration Assistant to migrate from old mini to new mini but it wouldn't complete the process. I ended up moving files through file sharing ...... different discussion group.

Thank you