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    Problems with iWork Pages
    When I try to paste a section of a web page to a new blank Pages document, only part is copied. The new Pages document only forms one page, and I am unable to add to it. In Word, the entire section would be copied into the Word document, which would form as many pages as needed.

    This occurs with only some web pages. It does not occur when I try pasting text from a Word document or another Pages document.

    I'm trying to switch from Microsoft Office for Mac (2004) to iWorks, so that I can make the change to Lion in order to use the Cloud. I'd rather not have to buy an updated Office for Mac program for my 2 computers, but with this and other problems I've been running into so far with Pages, I might have to do so. I haven't yet even begun to explore Numbers and Keynote.

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    When you pick a "blank" document, are you choosing blank from Word Processing or from Page Layout? I am pretty sure the blank document from word processing will create as many pages as are required.

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    When I open Pages, the default template setting is "Blank Document" in Layout. So I changed it to "Blank Document" in Word Processing, as you suggested, but the same problem occurred. I'm able to paste this web page to a comparable blank document in Word for Mac (2004). On the other hand, I'm not having trouble pasting other web pages to a blank Pages document. This particular web page (and others similar to it on this website) has some unknown (to me) feature which makes it incompatible with Pages, but not with Word. So there must be a problem with Pages, but I still don't know how to get around it.

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