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    Dec 23, 2011
    MS Word 2011 hangs when open file
    Thought that the upgrade from MS Office for Mac 2008 to 2011 would fix this automatically, but no. When 'open (existing) file' from the menu (or try to use 'compare documents' or to 'insert hyperlink') MS Word hangs. And could only be reset by a forced quit (often only possible by forced shutting down the MacBook or by hammering the 'quit' button, invoking a shutting down procedure).

    No remedies found on the net yet. In some forums font conflicts were mentioned, by I do not have font conflicts.

    And Word does not hang 'often' but always.

    I only can work around the bug by double clicking on existing file in the directory, so far so good, but I like to use functions as compare documents and hyperlink insertions too.

    Please provide some real solutions.

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    Dec 23, 2011
    Fix found?
    I found elsewhere this fix:

    "MS Word for Mac 2008 freezes every single time I open a document
    Every time I open a document on Microsoft Word for Mac 2008, it crashes. I've had this computer for over a month and the problem just started recently. ......

    I was instructed to go to the "Preferences" folder and delete
    com.Microsoft.Word.plist. When I delete that file, MS Word starts working
    again for about a couple minutes and then goes back to not working again. "

    Well, 'removing com.Microsoft.Word.plist' did resolve the problem (for now).
    MS Word generates a new version of the plist file automatically.
    Wonder whether it will happen again after a while....

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