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Thread: Good Photo Organizer?

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    Good Photo Organizer?
    I'm new to the Mac and I'm looking for a good photo organizer. I have Lion on a Macbook Pro. I have 10,000 pictures thereabouts, so I need something that can take that. I want it to support nested folders/albums and it has to have tagging.

    I tried Aperature 3 as a trial, but it crashed on me every single time I tried to expand a tag in the tag viewer. That's the only sub $100 software that I saw when I took a glance through the internet. I was hoping that someone could recommend something.

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    Have you tried using iPhoto which is already on your machine?

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    iPhoto does its own organizing so you don't have to do that grunt work.

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    I tried iphoto. it doesn't have any of the features I want like tagging and nested album support.

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