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    iTunes across multiple computers
    I have done some research over the past few weeks trying to find a way to have the same iTunes library across multiple computers. Everything I find about doing this involves a host computer or NAS drive, and is all about being able to access the music itself from either computer. This is not quite what I need.

    I have a desktop that will be my main iTunes library, and that's where all the music will be, but I also have a macbook that I take with me on the road that I would like to have the same iTunes library so I can sync my iPhone, (and in the future an iPad), wherever I am. I do not need to access the music on the macbook, iTunes match on my phone will take care of my music needs. But if I want to add a video, remove content, or edit playlists while on the go I want to be able to connect my iPhone to the macbook rather than waiting until I get home to use the desktop.

    Is there a way I can get two different computers to reference the same iTunes library.xml so they show the same library, regardless of the presence of the media itself? Dropbox maybe?

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    Dec 19, 2011
    I think I just had an epiphany. Would it be possible for me to set my iTunes media folder as my dropbox, but set iTunes to NOT copy files to the media folder when adding to the library, so that any computer with that dropbox account can reference the same media folder (identical file paths) but only the computer with the music on it can play it?

    If this works the one problem I can foresee would be importing CD's, since it would want to put the media in the dropbox based folder. I do not do this much anyways so I could just pull the files off, delete them, and move them. The only other issue would be that I would need to purchase things through iTunes on my desktop otherwise I would quickly fill up dropbox, (I don't plan on purchasing additional space).

    TL ; DR
    iTunes media folder in Dropbox, actual media in separate locale, set iTunes to not add to media folder when importing media

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    Home Sharing

    The wheel, she has already been invented!

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