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    Organising compilations in iTunes

    In iTunes i want to sort compilations into one album but keep the individual artist names.

    e.g. I have an album with 300 tracks (all different artists) this is what i do..

    1. Select them all and click 'get info'

    2. Tick the Album Artist box and type Various Artists

    3. Tick the Album Box and type name of Album

    4. Tick Part of a compilation box and select Yes

    When i OK this is sorts them but when it's done they are all still scattered all over iTunes under the individual artist name.

    If i type 'Various' in the Artist box i lose all the artist names.

    I've searched the net for an answer to this but still can't get it to work and can see others have this problem and i follow the above but it still won't group them in the same album. It's driving me mad. Am i doing something wrong?


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    If you are sorting by "Artist" in iTunes, then yes, they will normally be scattered to the winds. To get around this, you need to use the "Sort Artist" field. Leave the artist names as they are, but in the "Sort Artist" field, enter the same value for all tracks. You can use "Various" or just enter the name of the compilation. Once done, if you ever sort by "Artist", the "Sort Artist" field will override the real names in the background and use its own value, but you will still see the correct name in iTunes.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    YEEE HAAAA. That did it!!! It's been driving me nuts!

    You are a wonderful, wonderful man. May all your wishes come true for you and your kin this Christmas.


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