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    mail not able to send
    I have this problem that mail not able to send.
    it just stopped just about 5hrs ago and has not worked since
    another computer works just fine-any setting isuue

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    more info
    the email goes to the outbox
    when i hit get mail it checks email and returns incoming mail
    but no outbox gets emptied- also the rotating thing to the right of the inbox moves when checking but nothing in the outbox

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    even more info
    wat i have noticed is the difference between this computer and another mac mini is that the other one has no outbox whereas this one which doesnt work has -has this got to do with my problem?

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    look in the settings mate as that might help, even though i dont use mail im guessing that its your settings as i always used to have an outbox

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    You might want to check with your ISP (or whoever is hosting your outgoing mail). Sometimes they tell you to use a different port for outgoing mail instead of the default port (25).

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    yeah checked port
    yeah i checked the port its supposed to be the port 25
    also the other one is running with the port 25 and hasn't missed a beat!

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    is it just freezing when you start it? maybe its sending something, usually if you quit mail itll try to resend if it was not complete. thats what happened to me.

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    Check with your ISP to what their outgoing mail server is supposed to be. I had the same issue with mine. Had to change my outgoing server to after I got rid of my .mac account. Try or .net I had to mess around with mine till I figured it out. Or you could call them?

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