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    iCal syncs work except in one case
    Events I create in iCal on my Mac do not sync to iCloud or my iPhone, but using the Mac to edit events that were created in iCloud or on the phone does work and the change syncs everyplace. In other words, only new events on Mac fail, but Mac edits to existing ones go everyplace else. Events created on iCloud or on the iPhone sync to Mac, iCloud, and phone.

    Obviously they're all talking, so what did I miss?

    Using current versions of Lion, and iOS, with an iPhone 4S.

    Any ideas? Thanks!!

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    Similar problem
    Chris, I don't have the answer. It appears your calendars are listed as on the cloud. Right click on any mac calendars and make sure they are linked to your e-mail cloud account and not "on my computer." It sounds like that is done right, but check.

    Otherwise, I share with you that some calendars don't seem to sync right all the time. I'm still trying to figure out when and how iCloud syncs so that I can understand this better.

    Getting it right most of the time

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