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    Backing up DVDs - any progs out there?
    I just recently switched from a pc to a mac. My kids have a lot of DVDs and they tend to really test their limits: sticky hands, scratches, etc. I've taken to backing up the DVDs and giving them copies to use themselves for putting in the DVD player and stuff. This has saved me having to rebuy movies when the DVD becomes unplayable.

    I used to use DVD X Copy Platinum on my PC in order to back up these DVDs. It really makes me angry that not more programs like this are available; it really limits those of us who are honest and really do buy the movies before copying them.

    Is there a program for mac that will allow me to backup my dvds?

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    The best way is to invest in Toast Titanium, I think version 7 is out now, I have version 6. It makes an image and then you put in a DVD-R and then it burns the DVD.

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