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    Language Translator Widget
    Hello all,

    I am truly stumped. I have the language translator widget that I have had and used a lot without any trouble.
    Link here: Apple - Downloads - Dashboard Widgets - Language Translator

    Recently, I have been unable to use it due to an error that reads:

    Suspected Terms of Service Abuse. Please see API Access Notice - Google Code

    I am simply using this application on my dashboard and definitely not on any website or anything. I looked into it and there was talk to update to v2. but to no avail v2 is in progress.

    The website, API Access Notice - Google Code, doesn't pertain to me it seems because it is asking API and IP addresses from me for the form. I'm just using this translator as a widget so I don't know what they are asking of me.

    Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.


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    Google hates us
    The site below speaks of Google shutting down API v1 as of December 1st. I'm assuming this is what the widget worked on. Read the "Important" notice at the top.

    I doubt there will be an update since they shut API v1 down and are replacing it with v2 which is a PAID ONLY service. I, too, am disappointed in this widget being shut down. Not sure if there is another good translator out there. (I signed up just to answer this.. HA! )


    Google Translate API v2 - Google Code

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    That's a shame. Let's design a great widget for people to use and just shut it down. Regardless, this is hilarious and I will undoubtedly be forking up dough for the v2 whenever it comes out.

    Thanks for making an account just for me, haha.

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    found one working
    Here it is:

    Translate Widget

    As found in the help section there, after installing it, it might not work (no languages displayed). Click on the widget and press command+R - it will relaunch it, after this works fine for me...

    Hope that helped (old thread

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