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    Question Black screen in Front Row after merging .srt and .avi files with "Submerge"
    Hey Everyone!
    I have a ton of movies on my computer and I recently downloaded a program named "Submerge" to combine the .srt subtitle file with my foreign movie files. I did this because I use Front Row to sort through my movie collection and having both files on the list just looked messy. After the 50 or so merges I deleted all of the old .avi files and .srt files and thought I was home free. The newly merged files work great in Quicktime and every other program but when I try and play them in Front Row the screen stays black. The audio is playing but no picture ever shows up.

    If anyone could offer a solution to this I'd be more than appreciative! It is extremely Frustrating! I am using Mac OS X 10.5.8.

    Thank you in advance!

    Submerge (Program used)

    Will any specific type of conversion help?.. (The program has turned them into Quicktime Movies). If I am simply out of luck, any suggestions as far as recovering the original .avi, getting rid of the merged .srt and accomplishing this a different way? If I have to do this do I really need to re-download all +50 .srt files again? (Yes I know it's my fault I deleted them before testing in Front Row. But who would have thought there would be a bug after working fine in Quicktime). Ahhh someone please help.

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    Please do not cross post! Only post to one forum and continue posting back to the same thread. Your cross post has been removed.

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    I'm very sorry, I thought this question worked well within both categories. I wasn't aware that wasn't allowed. Thanks.

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    I'd still really appreciate some help if anyone has any advice. Thanks!

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    In an attempt to figure out why Toast 11 will not burn avi + set files I've been slogging through the web for 3 days. On one of those days I bought Submerge and it seems to do a good job. Unfortunately unless the subtitles are encoded into the image, they won't wind up in Toast.

    In any case I wrote to the programmer and looked at his web page and got my situation addressed, if not resolved. The problem still seems to be somewhere within Toast/Perian/Quicktime 10.1. I still have tracked it down.

    I'd suggest contacting the Submerge folks for both the issue with FrontRow and the possibility of busting out your srt files anew from your current files.

    Let us know what happens!

    -- Gerry

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