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    Safari vs. Camino Round 1: Speed
    Well I thought it'd be nice to see people's thoughts on which Mac browser is truly the best between Safari and Camino. So I'm splitting this up into rounds by category. This time we're talking strictly about the speeds of the two browsers. If you notice one is faster for somethings than for others, state so and whatever. I'll start:

    I notice that Camino seems overall to be much speedier than Safari at rendering pages when there is a lot of stuff to be rendered. A good example of this would be the website for the Star Wars Episode III video game or Resident Evil 4. For normal browsing, Camino still feels overall speedier, though the process of the browser looking up the website seems to take a little long at times. Speed of starting up obviously goes to Safari. Anyway, I'd say looking at things overall, Camino is the faster between the two of them, so that's where my vote would go for this round.

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    Ey3 D
    I'd definitely go with Camino. Have had it for 4 months, super fast, great for flash games, downloads, any of your internet needs. It is also superior to Firefox in style, and speed, not to mention the fact that you can't scroll sideways in Firefox without jumping web pages (especially since I have a Mighty Mouse).

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    The camino web browser is faster at loading flash based materials although I still tend to use Safari as I am just used to it!

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    Camino is superior|Ugliness Shall Not Be Tolerated...

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    camino for me. overall faster than safari. the look is cleaner and more homely at the same time.

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