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    Nov 12, 2011
    Unhappy FaceTime "echoing" sound!!
    Hello! I am hoping that there might be someone out there would could assist me with this horribly annoying problem I am having with my application "FaceTime" on my MacBook Pro OS X.

    I'm a new Mac user and have had it for 2 months. At first the FaceTime was working great, but after a few weeks I suddenly began to hear strange background sounds coming from my speakers. Normally a few random clicking sounds would begin, then suddenly out of no where my computer will use it's speakers to actually REPEAT EVERYTHING I JUST SAID right back to me the minute I say it. It's a second slower than my actual voice, but wow it's loud, harsh, and insane.

    At first I thought it might just be a one time deal... but no, ever since then and every time I stat to chat with someone, about 3 to 5 minutes in, it begins to echo my voice right back at me MUCH louder than my actual voice is. During that echoing time frame, facetime will actually block out my family's voice even though their lips were moving. I wouldn't be able to hear them again until my echo is done talking back to me. If I don't say anything then can hear them fine, but I can't hear myself talk!!! The echo is so touchy that it even makes noises when I breath or click on my touchpad. They also said that they can't hear my horribly loud echoing voice talking back to me on their side, so I have no idea why this is happening.

    Is ANYONE else having this problem? I've spoken to many people with facetime on their macs and iPods, but I am the only one with this CONSTANT issue that is preventing me from getting anything done with them. Some people have reported this before and asked similar questions but none of them have been answered yet.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you so much for your time .

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    I'm experiencing the same issues as you
    I'm also a new Macbook Pro user (2 weeks) and this problem occurs to me when I'm FaceTiming with an iPhone 4 user

    The one thing I noticed is that it only happens when the iPhone user uses the speakers to hear me
    After like a minute I then hear clicking, echoing and weird high-pitched noises (but they don't hear it) and it won't go away
    After awhile the sound completely disappears and I'm not able to hear the iPhone user at all

    My "solution" so far is having the iPhone user using a headset/earphones to hear me
    Only then this sound issue never takes place during a session and we can FaceTime for hours without any problems

    I hope there is or will be a fix for this soon and if not, I hope my workaround will work for you and others who are experiencing this problem

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    Mar 13, 2012
    FaceTime echo
    I have that problem too. I was reading on an apple support forum ( that the problem maybe that the microphone is sensitive, and is picking up the speakers output. I tried using headphones, but I still get the echo. If anybody figures the problem out, please let me know. I found another link further verifying that this is an issue with multiple users (

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