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    I have a program that doesn't RUN !
    Hi all, i have one program that i click on and it doesn't run, it is only today that it hasn't worked, so i thought Ah, Time Machine, now then, not having used TM before for anything, except regular backups of course, i was very careful !.

    I plugged in my Backup drive (one of two actually) and browsed back a few months found the Folder of the problem program, i selected all of it including the sub folders, and clicked on Restore, and then clicking on, over write all files etc. etc.

    However i was very surprised when it STILL didn't work !, what could i have done wrong please,

    the problem program isn't from the App Store, i use it for playing about with Web Sites of my very own, it took me ages to get all the FTP settings correct and all the other stuff that one has to do to get Web Sites to a Host etc. so i can't even access the settings to transfer to another incarnation of this program, i do still have the original DMG file, but i was hoping to avoid installing it ALL again !.


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    What program is this? It will help us if we know what application is causing problems.
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