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    iBook G3 gaming?
    Hey there everyone, I'm new to Macs, I've purchased an iBook G3 for dirt cheap, in great shape and was wondering what I could run on it. Now, before you all begin to say "They're no good for gaming", I know that. I game out on my Gaming PC. I'm talking about games like the original Doom, Quake and -maybe- even Unreal Tournament 99 (probably won't happen) Just something to distract me in class

    I have the 500MHz model and 320mb or RAM. RAM upgrade and a bigger hard drive for sure, but since this is going to be used ONLY for word processing (for school) and general browsing, since I don't like carrying my 16" laptop everywhere. Also, the battery is completely shot on it, whereas the battery on this G3 seems to last for hours. (looks like it's been replaced). The small size is nice too.

    So, what are some fun little games that'll run well enough to be enjoyed?

    Thanks everyone

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    You'll have to keep em pretty old school, the main obstacle is the graphics card.

    There is an old school space shoot em up from Bungie that's fun and pretty good on older macs

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    I have a bondi Blu G3 iMac with a 20GB HDD and 512MB Ram running Tiger. I run the following emulators on it:
    rocknes (nintendo)
    vba [virtual boy advance] (GB/CBC/GBA)
    snes9x (super Nintendo)

    I also play the following, but they run better on my G4 Quicksilver:
    Sim City 4
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
    Zoo Tycoon 2

    I let the kids cart it around because of the all-in-oneness of it. I have the original keyboard, a logitech cordless mouse, and 2 logitech game pads.
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    Your best bet is to stick with OS 9 (Classic OS) software. Any iBook G3 should handle most of the titles reliably. I'm not familiar with the titles the OP listed (not much of a gamer at all) but I'd imagine you'd be fine with titles from around 1999-2000. The only issues you may have are with newer games/expansion packs. My clamshell did fine with the original Sims when it came out, but once the fourth expansion pack was installed, it was evident the machine was a bit under-powered for what I was trying to run. Still, it was playable and tolerable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louishen View Post
    You'll have to keep em pretty old school, the main obstacle is the graphics card.

    There is an old school space shoot em up from Bungie that's fun and pretty good on older macs

    The Trilogy Release
    Thanks to you, I've found the original Marathon Trilogy (Bungie-created games you spoke of) they are now open-source and free to download. They're similar to the original Doom and Quake. I have all three, thanks for the info! I've had a blast in class with them.

    Does anyone know how to get Unreal Tournament 99 (Game of the Year Edition) running on the G3? It isn't a clamshell, but the white model. Not too familliar with the models, but yeah. OS 9 or OS X, whichever will run UT99, I'll switch to gladly.

    Thanks again everyone!

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